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Our family uses your products everyday for just about everything that ails us. Thanks!
Belinda Acciarito

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I am passionate about getting people well!

For the past 10 years I have been assisting families like yours gain relief and improve their health using our natural approach. Our remedies have been tried and tested by hundreds of families and really work!

After a 6 week waiting list for 3 consecutive years I realised that my clinic needed to change. I created Puraforce Remedies where mums and dads all over the world could have access to my formulas to use safely and easily at home.

Our remedies contain no preservatives, colourings or flavourings and each remedy is hand made by me specifically for your family.

Our remedies are suitable for people of all ages and stages of health and life. Our Baby Range is for newborn babies ‐ 12 months old. Our Family Range is for 12 months through to adults. We even have an
Animal Range for your pets.

Produced in Australia

Company founder Nicole Cunningham is a qualified Practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine with over 10 years experience as a clinician, speaker and educator, educating parents and promoting natural alternatives. Nicole was the Vice President of the Australian Homeopathic Association Victorian Branch for 5 years and has founded a Homeopathic charity Rebalance the Globe, providing homeopathic healthcare to 11 villages north of Kolkata, India.

Nicole creates Homeopathic health products that assist the whole family. Nicole's qualifications include an Advanced Diploma in Homoeopathy and an Advanced Diploma in Reflexology. Nicole has also participated in post graduate study in a Homoeopathic Hospital near Mumbai, India. In addition to Homoeopathic Medicine, Nicole has a passion for mind/body medicine and nutrition. Nicole lives in Mount Gambier, South Australia with her daughters Anika and Alyce.
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 Puraforce Remedies founder Nicole and her daughters

Clinically Formulated

Puraforce Remedies are formulated under strict clinical procedures to ensure optimal consistency and potency. Our drops have been created to empower each family with the ability to treat everyday illnesses and ailments effectively within their own home.

Passionate about making natural health care affordable, Puraforce Remedies are specifically priced to enable EVERY household access to these amazing products.
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The Homoeopathic Process

Homeopathic medicine is safe, effective and affordable natural medicine for the whole family. With over 200 years of historic use, Homeopathic medicines are used by people all over the world to treat everyday illnesses simply and fast! Homeopathic medicines can be used by everyone, even people who are on prescribed medications. Derived from plant, animal and minerals, Homeopathic medicine has no taste or smell.
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Giving Back

5% of every Puraforce Remedies sale is donated to the nonprofit organization, Rebalance The Globe. Founded by Nicole Cunningham, the nonprofit organization focuses on bringing sustainable homeopathic healthcare solutions to the developing world. Every month our Healthcare Bus visits each school in the area, providing free preventative healthcare to over 2,000 school children in severely impoverished areas in India. Previously these children had limited access to healthcare due to the remoteness of their village, distance to major healthcare centres and the high cost of medical care.

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